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    In today’s world, technology keeps jumping from one level into another automatically. In parallel with this, the tech-market is gradually growing and expanding all over the world. Meantime, the techno-giants are fiercely competing to be the best cell phone makers and laptops manufacturers, besides the latest tech gadgets available.

    People no longer worry about paying their expensive or cheap phone bills or having their foldable screen phone damaged for they can get a new one from cheap phone companies, but when it comes to questions of cell phone safety, the story changes totally. The question of cell phone safety is closely related to cell phone privacy.

    Companies developed their cell phone virus protection tools, their software to block robocalls, and their mobile phone security system. All these efforts aim at meeting the needs of users and satisfy their expectations.

    In the process of improving the security of your phone, whether it is an iPhone six, one of the latest android one phones, or Samsung galaxy j8 pro, you still can control who calls you and block unwanted phone calls.

    The reasons why would you block a number might vary from avoiding intentionally someone annoying to shielding your phone from scammers. Keep on reading the article to have an idea about how to block unwanted calls on your phone.


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    In case you would like to reduce the unwanted calls you keep receiving every now and then, get yourself registered on the site of National Do Not Call Registry. Once you are on the site, you can enter your phone number or easily figure if any of your digital devices is already registered.

    The site enables you to enter about three phone numbers of yours. For the confirmation of your registration, you need to add your email address. Plus, you can call the following number from the phone you wish to register: 1-888-382-1222.

    The registry site is run by FTC which confirms that once you enter the necessary info, your phone shall be registered in a matter of one day, 24 hours, but sales calls will stop 31 days after. In case there was any sort of persistence on their part, you can call and complain about it.

    Additionally, downloading an app like RoboKiller can block robocallers and telemarketers. However, such tools are not always effective for robocalls will not stop. FCC chairman Mr. Ajit Pai urged mobile carriers to contribute to reducing robocalls by the implementation of an authentication system.

    Operating Systems On Your phone

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    It is noteworthy that in case you block a given number from FaceTime, voice calls and texts sending, you will be blocking all the three options all at once and automatically. The first step to block a number is going to the Phone App and hitting Recent.

    Next, choose the number wished to be blocked and tap the ‘i’ next to it in the circle. Once you do, you will access a screen of information regarding the phone call, plus any further actions you would like to take. Find and click on Block This Caller as you scroll down.

    If you are proceeding with blocking from your contacts list, go to Settings, Phone, Call Blocking & Identification, then tap Block Contact in the bottom. You can access the same screen from Settings, Messages, Blocked, and Add New.

    In order to block the sent texts from somebody, click on the number, which is on top of the screen that will take you to a menu. The menu enlists three main parts: Audio, FaceTime and Info. What you are concerned with is info.

    Click on info to access the point where you will find a phone icon, the number, and an arrow. If you tap the arrow, you will be able to click on Block This Caller. You can do the same thing in your FaceTime app by going to the app and selecting the last conversation with the phone caller you would like to block.

    Afterward, tap the little I next to it in a circle. The click will take you to another screen with information and actions to consider, find Block This Caller by scrolling down and tap it. In case the caller is somebody on your contacts list, check Settings, FaceTime, Blocked, Add New, then pick the caller’s name to block.


    With pure android phones, makers are enabled to customize the phones. Whether you got Android, Samsung galaxy 5g or any other great cell phones, bear in mind that accessing the options of blocking unwanted numbers differs based on the type of device in hand.

    If you got the new Android model, it will be easy for you to scroll down after having tapped the phone number to block it. Another way to do this is simply by clicking on the ellipsis icon to pick Block Number. For older Android models, go to Android Lollipop, then to the Phone app and pick Call Settings, Call Rejection, and finally Auto Reject List.

    In case you have Marshmallow or Nougat, check Dialer, then go to the list of the last calls you had with the number you wish to block. Once you find the number, click on Block/Report Spam. You can simply uncheck the box if you do not wish to mark the number as spam.

    If you take some of these options into consideration, you might manage to block the annoying robocalls on your phone. In the techno-real world, Google tech is working on sophisticated programs and software to fight against, phishing, robocalls, hackers, and scammers.


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