9 Dangerous Android Applications You Need To Delete Now


    9 Dangerous Android Applications You Need To Delete Now© Pinterest

    Android owners know that Play Store can offer us many free applications that consume our time and energy because they are good and “beneficial”. But, are you aware that most of these apps can steal your data, personal information, and even money from your bank account?

    Smartphones have exposed our lives in a way that we are not completely aware of, and most of us still don’t know everything they do yet. Many say that they are even spying on us through these apps. It is not like we have something to hide, but we still don’t want anyone to spy on us while sitting comfortably in the bathroom, right?

    Anyway, we have gathered the 9 most dangerous apps that you should delete immediately because they may ruin your life completely.

    Weather Apps

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    Weather apps used to be extremely popular, but then it was discovered that they contained a lot of viruses hacking people’s data. One time, there was a weather app that collected the owner’s data and personal information and sent it to attackers who were interested in his credit card data.

    Since then, the popularity of weather apps started declining. So, if you want to check the weather, it is best to do it in a browser.


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    All those cleaning apps and optimizers that take care of clearing your cache and removing unnecessary programs should not be downloaded or used because they slow down the system, make the battery life shorter, and give you so many ads as an addition to all of that.

    Modern smartphones already have this function in their system, which makes these optimizers useless.

    Social Media

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    Social media became quickly and easily popular. Their main goal was to connect people and ease communication. But since we are not living in a perfect world, most people found it as an opportunity to hack personal information and conversations for their own benefit.

    Not so long ago, we found out that Facebook data sold by Cambridge Analytica in order to help Donald Trump win the 2016 election. On the other hand, these social media kill the battery and slow our phones while trapping us in a delusional jail we can’t break free from.

    Antivirus programs from unknown developers

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    Antivirus programs are important to protect your phone, but not the ones that are offered by unknown sources because when hackers realized that these apps stop them from stealing; they developed a better way to hack again, which is through these antivirus programs.

    Again modern phones don’t need them since they are already provided with a similar program.

    Lie Detectors

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    These apps were clearly created for fun because they obviously can’t predict your lies, maybe not just yet. We will need a phone that can read the changes in our heart rates when we answer the questions.

    However, people creating these apps are taking advantage, because honestly, why would these apps need access to your contacts and personal data? If they did, don’t install them. They shorten your battery life anyway.

    Apps for increasing the amount of Ram

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    They say don’t believe anything you see on the internet, and this is one of the reasons. So let us break it down for you: You can’t get any more Ram than your phone initially has!

    So technically, those apps are optimizers that clear cache (which the phone can already do), they give the illusion that your phone has “extra” Ram space while they collect your data and spend the resources that you have.

    Browsers with additional features

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    There are some browsers that have additional features like watching videos and streaming, which could be a good thing. But, there are two things that can literally ruin your phone and your life while using it: first, they have an uncountable number of annoying ads that slow the system and contain many viruses.

    Second, these applications require access to pictures, contacts, and even managing calls, which is very confusing. In all cases, they are very unsafe.

    Built-in Browsers

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    The Built-in browsers are often already installed on the phone system, they are slow and not popular and you rarely use them. However, these browsers open only when you click a link, not like other browsers like Google Chrome.

    These apps don’t have any protection from the data and they slow the system performance, too. So, it’s best if you delete them now!

    Defragmentation apps

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    Besides that they can access your phone’s data and collect your personal information; these apps can’t be protected by any hard drive on smartphones. The drives can only analyze how much space the app is taking, that’s all!

    The safety of your device and your life depends on you, not even Google can track and check apps’ safety because hundreds of people launch their apps daily on the Play Store. So be careful while using your smartphone, and don’t believe everything you see online.


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