9 Android Apps You Will Need In 2020!


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Keeping up to date with what’s new at the Play Store is not easy. There are literally millions of Android apps available for you to download, and thousands of new others arrive every single day – in 2018, an average of more than 6 thousand mobile apps were released per day.

Of course, only a tiny percentage of them are worth downloading, and even less will remain installed on your smartphone for more than a couple of days.

But those that do can have a significant impact on your life. That’s why it is important to keep an eye on the Play Store recommendations and search the internet for the apps that are currently stirring up the market. We imagine that is exactly what brought you here.

Without further ado, here are 9“lesser-known” apps that will come in handy in 2020. Install them on your Android smartphone and try them out!

1. Vanilla Bean

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With more and more people adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet, it becomes difficult to choose a restaurant that is properly prepared to meet such needs. And even though the majority of restaurants have at least one dish that meets the vegan criteria, people like to have different options to choose from. That’s completely natural.

Vanilla Bean is an app that tells you which nearby restaurants have vegan or vegetarian options. You can also filter your search and look for places that meet different criteria such as gluten-free, organic, and locally sourced food, for example.
Price: free

2. Houzz

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In 2016, the Houzz app won the main award at the Google Play Awards ceremony. The app is an extension of an American website and community founded more than a decade ago that focuses on architecture and interior design.

Referred to as the “Wikipedia of interior design,” the app functions as a database with millions of inspiring homes organized by style and room.

It makes it easier for its users to seek inspiration, immediately buy products that they see in a photo and like, connect professional designers with potential costumers, and much more. If you are interested in home décor or you are renovating your house, Houzz is a must-have.
Price: free

3. Noizz


The social network Tik Tok is taking the world by storm. And with such tremendous success, other apps are beginning to become popular tools. That’s the case of Noizz (formerly known as Biugo).
Noizz is a simple and user-friendly app that allows you to create funny short videos that you can then upload to your social media. Explore the dozens of templates they have at your disposal and show your creativity to your friends and followers.
Price: free

4. Microsoft Math Solver

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Microsoft Math Solver is the productivity app that every student will want on their smartphone. With this app, you can scan arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, and statistics problems using your smartphone’s camera and the artificial intelligence will quickly solve it for your (and provide all solving steps). If you don’t want to use the camera, you can also draw the equation or type it.
Although it was developed by a tech giant, it is worth mentioning in this list because it was only recently released. For that reason, many people may still be unaware of its existence.
Price: free

5. Laughable

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Listening to podcasts is now an established daily routine for millions of people around the world. And although there are several great apps for podcasts lovers, Laughable implemented a revolutionary feature that made it popular very quickly.

It allows you to follow a certain content creator, celebrity, comedian, and other public figures and receive a notification every time they release a new episode of their podcast or when they make an appearance as a guest in another person’s podcast.

As the very name suggests, Laughable places a strong emphasis on the comedy category. So if it’s funny, it’s there.
Price: free

6. Adobe’s Photoshop Camera

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Just like Microsoft, Adobe is not exactly an unknown company. But they have recently released an app that integrates the power of Photoshop directly inside your smartphone’s camera.

How does this work? Well, you can use different lenses, apply a wide variety of effects, and edit your shot before (and after, obviously) you press the shutter button. It sounds complicated, but they’ve somehow managed to make it super simple and intuitive. Give it try while it is still available for free!
Price: free

7. Eon Music Player

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With the boom in music streaming platforms in the last few years, music apps that solely reproduce local files are becoming a thing of the past.

But, if you still like to carefully select and move your music files to your smartphone, the Eon Music Player is one of the coolest options on the Play Store. The user interface is very clean and fully customizable, and the app automatically organizes your files to allow for easy navigation and indexing.
Price: free

8. SideChef

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SideChefis the typical food app that offers you thousands of cooking recipes well organized by cuisine type, estimated cooking time, and difficulty. It doesn’t sound that appealing, does it? So, why are we mentioning it?

Because it has a feature that sets it apart from its competitors: you can use a guided “step by step” mode that will make your smartphone look like a modern Thermomix – you know, that kitchen appliance that can transform you in a professional chef.
Price: free

9. Focus Booster

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If you often struggle with time management and you let procrastination get in your way and prevent you from getting work done, you should give Focus Booster a try.

This app is based on the Pomodoro technique, a method developed in the eighties that uses a timer to divide work into four 25 minutes sections with a 5 minutes break between them (and a longer one afterward).

But Focus Booster is much more than that; it allows you to adjust the length of your focus/break sections so that you can find a time frame that works best for you, let’s you pause the timer if you get interrupted, and you can also add specific tasks that you want to get done using the Pomodoro method.

Focus Boost will help keep you away from distractions and increase your productivity. No wonder it is so popular among freelancers.
Price: free


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