The Top Fitbit Trends in 2017 That You Need To Buy Right Now


Fitbit is the number one household name when we need a fitness tracker tech. it is designed to assist you during your exercise, helps you become more energetic, eat a healthy diet, and sleep better; so generally it turns you into a healthier human being.

Recently, we have heard lots of rumors about new Fitbit products that would be released before the end of 2017, and there are many names on the horizon that you probably would like to see its pictures. Well, we have collected the top Fitbit trends in 2017 with complete information about the gadget and all its features. Click through the slides to pick up your favorite device.

The Top Fitbit Trends in 2017 That You Need To Buy Right Now

#1 – Fitbit Charge 2

– Large screen
– Relaxing strap
– Restricted phone notifications

The charge 2 is the latest Fitbit device which has a bigger screen display compared with previous gadgets. It is the most exceptional fitness tracker that you need to buy right now, with many features including activity tracker; heart rate tracker; GPS and a guide breather. The Fitbit Charge 2 contains also a Multi-sport tracker that provides following your walking, outdoors running, weight training, and other valuable exercises.

#2 – Fitbit Blaze

– Tough battery life
– Valuable fitness features
– Innovative design

The Fitbit Blaze is another innovative device in the Fitbit family. The unusual design of the gadget makes you believe that it is the first Smartwatch of the brand but it’s not. Actually, is it perceived as the company’s dark horse with other remarkable features like, the SmartTrack which follows your exercise and it displays your text messages notifications. It also includes a Heart rate tracker, a strong battery life which may last up to 5 days and a charming design.

#3 – Fitbit Surge

– Designed with GPS
– Standard watch clap

The Fitbit Surge is the top high priced and the most amazing gadget Fitbit has ever released, it gets your blood pumping as soon as you start running. The Fitbit Surge is designed with GPS technology which means that you don’t need to keep your phone when you are jogging. It comes also with a standard watch clap that meets all tastes and a heart rate tracker with an effective activity monitoring system.

#4 – Fitbit Alta HR

– Stylish design
– Precise heart rate readings
– Tough battery life

The Altra HR gathered the stylish slim shape with an advanced heart rate tracker into its skinny design to reflect a stunning bracelet that everyone would like to have. The Altra HR is an elegant tracker that has many sophisticated features and also looks charming. It packed all desired features that would make you wear it all the time even when you are sleeping since it can also track your sleep and your heart rates.

#5 – Fitbit Flex 2

– Adaptable and comfortable
– Super tiny screen
– Extremely thin

If you opt for a fitness tracker that is comfortable to wear and thin, then the Flex2 is the ideal option for you. It is the only waterproof Fitbit that can track your swimming exercises, with a strong battery life and a tiny screen that looks like a simple bracelet. It is also cheaper than the Fitbit Charge 2 which makes it a complete device in the list.

#6 – Fitbit Alta

– Elegant and colorful design
– Tough battery life
– Flexible

The Fitbit Altra is the most charming product from Fitbit that has a big concentration on the design more than its fitness qualities. It is available in different styles and colors, with a tough battery life and activity tracking. But unfortunately, it contains neither waterproof features nor a Heart rate monitor.

#7 – Fitbit Zip

– Acceptable features
– Affordable
– Tiny design

If you want a simple, cheap and bright tracker that monitors only how far you walk every day, the Fitbit Zip is the one for you. It is a tiny device that you can put in your pocket and would absolutely help you track how far you walk with a very strong battery life, but it can’t track your running or even jogging since it has very limited features.

#8 – Fitbit Charge HR

– Accurate heart rate tracker
– Expensive
– Attractive design

The Charge HR is the most attractive Fitbit device that was released before the Fitbit Charge 2 with an accurate heart rate tracker and good fitness monitor. It also has a strong battery life that lasts up to 5 days with an activity tracking system and a charming design that fits all occasions not only sports.

#9 – Fitbit One

– Tiny shape
– Lightweight
– Practical design

The Fitbit One is one of the most practical fitness trackers with many features. It is a tiny device that monitors your fitness activities and steps without wearing it on your wrist. It is also one of the cheapest Fitbit options with a strong battery life and a lightweight shape.

#10 – Fitbit Flex

– Exciting design
– Very flexible and lightweight
– Tracks activity and sleep

The most different thing about the Fitbit Flex is that it doesn’t show you numbers about your status of your fitness exercise, instead, it displays dots, and when the dots reach the completed status it means that you have achieved your tasks. You may consider it as a useless feature but the device is programmed to make sure that you accomplish your fitness goals. The Fitbit Flex is produced in many colors and designed that is definitely attractive.


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